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Agnieszka: “I am the connecting factor between employer and employee.”

I was studying history when my boyfriend started working for Jan van der Drift during the holidays to earn some extra money. After I graduated in 2005, I also worked at Van der Drift. My boyfriend and I decided to stay in the Netherlands for two years and keep working here. My career here started with practical jobs such as sorting the roses, but I soon became a team leader in the garden. I loved that, and then I got involved in crop protection, searching for diseases and pests. I found that the thing I enjoyed the most was working with people and motivating them to get the best out of themselves. That’s the reason I started studying again, and after 4 years I got my human resources diploma from the Haagsche Hogeschool.

Marc supported my development and employed me as P&O Manager. In addition to my professional knowledge, I use my language skills as the connecting factor between the employer and the employees, many of whom come from abroad. I really enjoy my job, firstly because there lots of room for development and secondly because what I do here can be an example for other companies. Investing in HR costs money, but it brings enormous benefits. And you can clearly see that here!

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