The heart of our business is energy (generation). Compelled by the need to make energy costs manageable, we joined forces with four neighbours to form an energy cluster. HB-Energy is an independent BV on the Hooghe Beer in Honselersdijk. It owns a heat storage tank and a building in which four Rolls-Royce cogeneration or CHP (Combined Heat and Power) units and two boilers are set up. The cogeneration units cover 95% of the heating requirements, the remaining 5% coming from the boilers.
For the time being, Van der Drift Roses is the only one in the energy cluster using intensive assimilation lighting. The power left over is largely sold on the longer-term power market (OTC). The remaining part is sold through the day trading market for power (APX) or back to the grid. With our neighbours we have a total area of over 26 hectares. In this way we too enjoy the benefits of large-scale companies.

CO₂ -reduction

No CO2 is derived from the cogeneration units, nor from the boilers. On the one hand this has been decided because of the length and diameter of the pipes to be installed and on the other hand because of the risks of using CO2 from the cogeneration units. All companies in our energy cluster, then, have a connection to OCAP. OCAP offers market gardening pure CO2 released during the refining process at Shell in the Botlek. Previously this went straight into the atmosphere.

Movieclip OCAP & Van der Drift Roses


Crops Energy Cluster:   Energy:
Aubergine: 4,3 ha   Cogeneration 12,8 MW
Strelitzia 2,0 ha   Boiler 12 million KCal
Pepper: 12,7 ha   Assimilation lighting 6 MW
Pot plants: 3,5 ha   Heat storage 5000 m³
Roses: 4,0 ha   Ground area 3000 m²
Total: 26,5 ha   Buildings 1000 m²
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