Van der Drift Roses uses mainly organic crop protection systems to protect the rose, our staff, the consumer and the environment. With this we maintain the highest quality level and we work in an environmentally conscious manner.

There are more and more organic pest control products on the market of an increasingly high quality. Organic sprays are increasingly resistant to changing circumstances in the greenhouse. Regrowth after damage caused by spider mites, for example, is much better when using organic; the crop recovers more quickly than after pest control with chemical products. For some ‘infestations’ there are unfortunately no organic sprays available. We then use agents that do not do any appreciable damage to the organic produce. In this way, we keep the quality high and our method of working results in a good shelf life, without the rose being tainted with chemical residues.

In addition to this, organic is a bit friendlier for our staff. We apply the organic sprays using a blowing machine or by hand. Every employee is able to apply organic spray without obtaining special licenses for this.


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