Van der Drift Roses

The rose is the queen of flowers and preeminently intended as a sign of love. A rose says more than a thousand words and represents love, joy, happiness and affection, but also passion and fire!

Red Naomi

Van der Drift Roses has selected Red Naomi! This exquisite, large red rose with a bud diameter of between 9 and 14 cm is getting all the care and attention it deserves from us. Our passion for roses has resulted in Van der Drift Roses performing revolutionary work for nearly 20 years now and aspiring to the highest possible level of quality in the market. Our markets are spread out across Europe, core markets being in Eastern Europe and Russia.

We achieve this level of quality by, for example, being at the forefront of all possible new developments. In 2007, the completely revamped 4-hectare greenhouse was finished. This gives us a high light level of 270 micromoles Ppfd /m2 / second. Six thousand 1,000-Watt lighting fixtures are hanging in the greenhouse. Before the roses are processed, they are chilled and pre-watered for a minimum of 20 hours. As a result of this, vase life improves and the uniformity of the bunch is increased. In order to safeguard the quality of our roses, we work with a coding machine and day codes. But above all our staff love what they do. And with the right knowledge they attend to the production of our exquisite Red Naomi every day, which will stimulate your senses!
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