The nursery

We're proud of what we do!
Here we grow the roses

We specialise in the cultivation of the rose variety Red Naomi!, , the Queen of red roses. We stick to only growing this cultivar to keep focus. And that works well for us. This is reflected in the long-lasting relationships we have with our customers. Our love and passion for the rose is widely recognised by wholesalers and high-end florists, and we are proud of that! Our satisfied customers appreciate the constant quality we deliver and that is the reason we do it.

The team
The heart of our business

We work with a team of 40 employees of various nationalities to produce our roses. The team is important to us, so we provide in-house accommodation with SNF housing certification. Our employees have excellent training, and we provide regular refresher courses to keep their professional knowledge up to date. We recognise personal talent and there are plenty of opportunities for growth within our company.

Optimal growing conditions

To produce a perfect rose, greenhouse conditions must be perfect.

  • Climate: The temperature in the greenhouse can be adjusted up or down depending on the weather outside the greenhouse. We use an advanced climate control system.
  • Lighting:In addition to sunlight, we use assimilation lighting to help the roses grow even better. In the 4-hectare greenhouse, we have a high light level of 270 micromoles per light. In the greenhouse, there are 6,000 fittings of 1,000 watts.
  • Fresh air: Air boxes ensure optimal air circulation which benefits the rose.
  • To produce our roses in an energy-efficient way, we have set up a partnership with neighbouring companies for energy exchange in an energy cluster, and we use geothermal heating.
Cutting, cooling and sorting
The production process

The cutting of the roses is done by a team of around 40 employees. The roses are cut, coded and put in bundles in a container. The roses remain cooled and pre-watered in cold storage in this container for at least 20 hours. When they are removed from the cold storage, one of the employees assesses the quality and determines the sorting. The machine then sorts the roses, and they are collected and bundled into bunches of ten. The employees check that the packaging and the sorting is correct and then they put the bunches in the containers. The containers are covered with cardboard to protect the roses.

The rose plants are checked by the Greenhouse Work Coordinator, who monitors the quality of the individual plants and ensures that the team knows which shoots need to be bent and which do not. We do this to make sure the rose plants grow as well as possible.

Using organic methods is much better for our employees. We apply organic products using a spray or by hand. Every employee can administer organic products without needing a special licence.

The highest quality
Quality control

The highest quality is the principle behind every rose we supply. We achieve this quality by:

  • Daily quality check on bud size, vase life, leaf and stem development
  • Unique day coding for accurate traceability
  • Unique quality guarantee
  • Testing the vase life and quality every week and comparing them with other rose producers
Continuous improvement

Our packaging protects our roses and prevents damage during transport. But packaging has an environment impact, so we consider it carefully. We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve, and we follow environmentally friendly innovations closely.