The team
Shirley: “When I deliver the roses everyone always reacts very enthusiastically.”

Marc asked me if I wanted to assist him during the first lock down caused by Covid-19. At that time, export was on hold and in Holland we couldn’t sell everything. Though we decided to sell some of the roses to consumers as we could not sell them the auction; people could order roses with us and at times we sold them on the street. Something we normally never did, but necessity breaks the law. Now we still do that incidentally on special days. Additional benefit is that we, in this way, make promotion on a local level.

After the lock down I was asked to continue working with Marc to assist him in various activities. I can combine it well with my other job: I have also been working as a doctor’s assistant for years. My main task is to deliver orders to florists and customers at the auction. But also, I regularly do other activities in the company, like setting up test vases and preparing promotional boxes for our customers. I support when needed.

It is nice to represent the company. When I deliver the roses, everyone always reacts very enthusiastically to my arrival. That’s because I bring a quality product with a smile on my face.

I am infected with the “rose virus”. I am learning on the job and get to know the many facets of rose cultivation. It is physical work and you have to be pro active. My parents thought me how to work hard and I still benefit from it.

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