The team
Rob: “Plants must have strong resilience.”

Rob has been with the company since 2017. “Every day I take a walk around the plants to check that everything is going well. I look out for mildew, thrips, aphids and make sure the plants are growing well. The resilience of the plants is important because then you have less of an issue with insects. The climate in the greenhouse must be right. This is a job we perform as a team: we update each other about the current situation and adjust where necessary.

We have a wonderful team and I get to work with top quality plants, which is a great challenge. The working conditions are good.”

About roses: “My father went into the rose business in 1975, and I worked with him in the greenhouse for a while. After he died, I did it on my own, but it was not for me. Then I met Marc and I feel I’m in the right place”.

“We record everything accurately and we document things correctly for the MPS certification. We also work with Koppert NL products for integrated crop protection, which provides immediate improvement in plant quality. The plants have an average life of 10 years, with some reaching up to 14 years”.

Other team members