The team
Ronald: “There is excellent team spirit here.”

“I’ve been happily working at Van der Drift for 2 years. I worked for many years at Porcella, a rose grower that is no longer in operation, and I’m glad that I ended up at Van der Drift. I lead the team of greenhouse workers and I train them from the moment they are hired,” says Ronald.

Every day he spends time with the people working in the greenhouse and keeps an eye on how they are doing.

He motivates the staff to get the best out of themselves. Quality is the most important thing and so he focuses on this.

“Thanks to my years of experience with roses, I know exactly how a rose grows and which elements are important. I consider the climate and discuss internally if adjustments are necessary. I’m a second pair of eyes for Marc. I work alongside Rob and Jan, who help us manage the cultivation. Together, we assess the factors that affect the cultivation. I like it because there is a very good team spirit. I love roses, but above all it’s the atmosphere and team spirit that make so nice to work at Van der Drift. We are a great team!”


Other team members