Martin: “I like to be part of a Winning Team.”

In 2002, he came to pick up a bunch of roses at Christmas to surprise his folks back home: “I saw a couple of Turkish ladies behind the sorting machine who I knew and started chatting. Owner Marc walked in and saw I was talking to them and introduced himself. Then he asked me if […]

Nikita: “Roses are in my blood”

“I had my own rose nursery for 10 years, with my brother Barry and my father. When we stopped the business, I decided to go freelance and opened my own beauty salon,” Nikita explains. But then another job came along when Marc asked me to come and work for him in 2019. And well… gardener’s […]

Ronald: “There is excellent team spirit here.”

“I’ve been happily working at Van der Drift for 2 years. I worked for many years at Porcella, a rose grower that is no longer in operation, and I’m glad that I ended up at Van der Drift. I lead the team of greenhouse workers and I train them from the moment they are hired,” […]

Rob: “Plants must have strong resilience.”

Rob has been with the company since 2017. “Every day I take a walk around the plants to check that everything is going well. I look out for mildew, thrips, aphids and make sure the plants are growing well. The resilience of the plants is important because then you have less of an issue with […]

Agnieszka: “I am the connecting factor between employer and employee.”

I was studying history when my boyfriend started working for Jan van der Drift during the holidays to earn some extra money. After I graduated in 2005, I also worked at Van der Drift. My boyfriend and I decided to stay in the Netherlands for two years and keep working here. My career here started […]